Week 1

After a short and very turbulent flight to London and a very long and smooth crossing of the Atlantic flying over Iceland, Greenland and Canada, I finally landed at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport at the very (west) end of the American continent.¬† Even if until the new year I am technically on holidays, I was very excited to see immediately the campus of the University of Southern California (USC) and meet the new colleagues of International Relation Center. I was welcomed very warmly by Prof. John Odell and Robert English and by all members of faculty and staff. I have also received a bit of homework for the holyday period: commenting and reviewing the syllabus of the course of Prof. Maia Cross on “Regional Studies in Public Diplomacy: Europe”. I had also the chance to visit briefly the Anneberg School of Communication and Journalism and saw the door of the office of Manuel Castells, a real legend for somebody who works on media literacy. He was’nt there but I hope to be able to meet him one day or¬†another. In any case the Campus is just amazing: a city in the heart of a city. Clearly there are fantastic sport facilities including two olympic swimming pools and a whole stadium for athletics. Many Olympic medals have been gained by USC alumni. Do the names of Don Quarrie and Felix Sanchez ring a bell?


Finally, the weather…well, just great…a sort of permanent northern Mediterrenean spring.

I leave you with a question…who do you think it is the person with by far the best salary of the USC ? The President, the Dean…or somebody else?

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  1. Zak, please!!!
    Hollywood movies are normally shallow, uninteresting and full of platititudes! i stop watching them at the end of puberty!
    bitte give me some comments about local culture ( if any at all!), not globalised product that taste and smell as hamburgers! big hugs and kisses from all of us!

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