New York, New York.

Tonight, it is New York’s night. The Giants unexpectedly won the Super Bowl in Indianapolis against the favourite New England Patriots with a touchdown in the last minute of the game. It is the fifth time the NY team wins the NFL title and the second in the last five years.

There is another ranking where New York leads: it is the city used most times (16) as a set for a best picture Oscar winner film. Just to make a comparison only 2 best picture winners were set in Los Angeles (Million Dollar Baby and Crash).

Here’s the list of the sixteen NY films:

1. The Broadway Melody
2. The Great Ziegfeld
3. You Can’t Take It With You
4. Going My Way
5. The Lost Weekend
6. Gentleman’s Agreement
7. All About Eve
8. Marty
9. The Apartment
10. West Side Story
11. Midnight Cowboy
12. The French Connection
13. The Godfather
14. The Godfather, Part II
15. Annie Hall
16. Kramer vs. Kramer 



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