40 years of LA woman

Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light?
Or just another lost angel
City of night


Cops in cars, the topless bars
Never saw a woman
So alone, so alone
So alone, so alone

A new video for the Doors great 1971  tune “L.A. Woman” has been released today. The clip – which is only three and a half minutes long while the original song is 7 minutes and 49 – follows three professional skateboarders  as they travel around Los Angeles, visiting a variety of locations connected to The Doors’ history along the way. From Venice Beach to Grand Avenue, the Hollywood Bowl and the famous “Whisky a go go” bar on Sunset where they started their legend by opening for other groups and musicians (The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Buffalo Springfield, Johnny Rivers, etc.) in the summer of 1966.

2012 is “Year of the Doors” and other initiatives are expected.

Watch the video:

LA Woman


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