(my) Last words about the Oscars

The Oscars are over. Finally.

The award ceremony has a been – as often happens – a tired, tedious and predictable ritual that nobody likes and everybody watches. Possibly worse than the dull Italian Song Contest “Festival di Sanremo”. Billy Cristal looked like a a broken-winded horse and none of the presenters of the prizes – maybe with the exception of Emma Watson –  has been able to glitter. Even Angelina looked quite cheap with her (in)famous right leg’s move and in any case far too skinny and drawn.

It was a sort of announced triumph for the French film “The Artist“. I did not like the film. I found it fragile, superficial, pretentious and quite boring after the first 15 minutes. Undoubtedly a good victory for a European film supported by the MEDIA Programme but even more than that, once again,  a great success for media mogul Harvey Weinstein who got the U.S. distribution rights for “The Artist”  before anyone at the Cannes film festival and drove the film to the nomination and the Oscar with a successful marketing campaign.

The most deserved awards were in my opinion those for “A Separation”  – a film at the same time very local and universal – as best foreign language picture and for an awesome Octavia Spencer as best supporting actress in “The Help”.

Finally, no luck and no prize for the beautiful and complex Belgian film “Bullhead“: the masterpiece of the Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi was too strong. However, as a sort of consolation prize for Belgium, the Brussels Philharmonic recording of soundtrack ‘The Artist‘ got the Oscar for the Original Music.

See you next year Uncle Oscar.



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  1. I, on the contrary, liked The Artist very much and since one must compare the films that compete at that time, The Artist deserved the Oscar. A simple story, greatly interpreted and different. It was risky and they made t!!!

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