Ventura Highway

“US 101, the Santa Ana/Hollywood/Ventura Highway or the 101. The highway that is so damn cool it has five names. And yes yes yes, this is the highway that the song “Ventura Highway” by the supergroup America is named after, that song from the ’70s with the great vocal harmony, the first time you here it is great, the second time it’s ok, the third time it’s annoying and the fourth time it makes you want to find a grenade and stick it in the goddam stereo.(…)The 101 is LA hometown freeway, most akin to the outside world’s image of the city. People all over the globe equate the 101 with good times, fast cars, hot chicks, warm weather, movie stars and money. As it is also the case with its Hollywood namesake, the reality of the 101 is very different from the outside view of it. It’s crowded. It’s dirty. It’s run-down.It’s dangerous. Runaway kids and homeless crack and heroin addicts live in cardboard-box encampments beneath its underpasses. Garbage lines its shoulders. Deserted tires, and occasionally dead bodies are dumped on it. Driving on it it’s a terrible experience. It’s either a standstill (…) or it’s like the the world’s largest, most crowded, most dangerous racetrack, with cars weaving in and out of lanes, cutting each other off, running into cement walls and barriers hat line it.”

Bright Shiny Morning, James Frey

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