Audience, my audience. Yes, this blog has an audience. Not huge, but steady and actually geographically extremely interesting. Thanks to “Google Analytics“, I can track where my readers are based. In certain cases I am almost able to recognize them, to give them a face and a name. Some other times, people get connected from very exotic, astonishing location – a friend traveling or somebody who – I have no idea how and why – found this island in the wide ocean of the Internet?

Since I began to write, less than 6 months ago, this blog has been visited 2132 times by 1218 different individuals who read 3586 pages. The average time per visit is 2 minutes. The day I had more readers was May 15 when I wrote about East L.A.

I like rankings and top-tens. This is the geographical split per country:

1. USA, 2. Belgium, 3. Italy, 4. Spain, 5. UK, 6. France, 7. Australia, 8. Canada, 9. Israel, 10. Netherlands. 

People got connected from 47 more countries – including Japan, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Vietnam and even Bahrain – covering all five continents.

As regards to cities, the top three are Brussels, Los Angeles (including Santa Monica and other nearby locations) and New York followed by Genova, Milano, Valencia, Sevilla, Sunbury (near Melbourne), Barcelona and Philadelphia to close the top-ten.

Well, I’d like to thank you all and more in particular those persons who from Lichfield (UK, north of Birmingham), Ramat Gan (east of Tel Aviv, Israel) and Wroclaw (Poland) stayed on my blog respectively for 28, 19 and 17 minutes. If you recognize yourself, drop me a line (


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  1. Dear Matteo, I am also a cinema lover and I’m one of the 1.218 individuals reading your so well-written chronicles with much interest (also on “Fellowship at the USC, Los Angeles”). I just wanted to thank you, from Brussels, for exciting my curiosity about this fascinating city and its region. Diane

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