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I have been working on media issues dealing with radio, TV, internet and cinema – European cinema – for about all my professional life and I have always been puzzled by the paradoxical relation, a sort of love & hate, between Europe and America as regards to films. On the one hand there is possibly (only) one thing that really unites European people today irrespective of their language, their origin or their culture: a love for American cinema. On the other, Europe’s identity and its ability of being a global player is heavily threatened by the power of the images coming from the other side of the Atlantic.

This is why I jumped on the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, hosted by the Institute of International Relations in the University of Southern California and check myself what makes Hollywood so special and powerful.

Here I am for the next six months and here I’ll tell you – in English, in Italian, in Spanish, about cinema and life in Southern California.

3 thoughts on “Who and why

  1. And here we are as spectator waiting for your comments about LA, Hollywood and what makes them so special!!!!
    I wish you and all your family to make this opportunity a wonderful moment to remember.
    Enjoy your stay.
    A big hug and kisses

  2. Zak, please!!!
    Hollywood movies are normally shallow, uninteresting and full of platititudes! i stop watching them at the end of puberty!
    bitte give me some comments about local culture ( if any at all!), not globalised product that taste and smell as hamburgers! big hugs and kisses from all of us!

    • Caro Mario, ti conosco troppo bene e ti stimo troppo per pensare che tu non abbia capito il mio messaggio…quindi penso che per mancanza di tempo tu semplicemente non abbia letto in modo approfondito il mio post.
      Non sono assolutamente un fan dei film hollywoodiani (specie di certi film hollywoodiani di adesso)…sono disposto ad andare a vedere film iraniani sottotitolati in olandese piuttosto che l’ultimo con Julia Roberts.
      Il punto é che dal punto di vista del business il modello hollywoodiano funziona e che piaccia o non piaccia a me, a te o Wim Wenders, i film di Hllywood raccolgono in Europa circa l’80% degli incassi del botteghino. L’immaginario degli europei é pieno di america che viene dai film e dalle serie televisive. Per restare alla nostra generazione tutti conoscevamo la Milwaukee di Happy Days ma quanti italiani avevano un’immagine di Tampere o Toledo e quanti non italiani conoscevano Novara ? E anche gli hamburger un conto é mangiarli da McDonalds un altro é deliziarsi al Father’s Office o al Rustic Canyon Kitchen…ma di cibo e di cucina californiana parleremo in un altro post…

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