2012 Golden Globe -“meeting” Angelina and Pedro…

The 2012 edition of the Golden Globe is history. Check the list of winners on the website of the organizers, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

On Saturday, I had the chance to follow the  FOREIGN-LANGUAGE NOMINEES DIRECTORS SEMINAR at the historical Egyptian Theatre.  Zhang Yimou was absent but all the others candidates were present including the much acclaimed – I imagine for her beauty and her acting as her first film as director is really bad – Angelina Jolie.

As you probably know the prize went to the Iranian film “A separation”. An impeccable decision which honoured a film at the same time very local and universal. Asghar Farhadi was asked if this film had a political message and his reply was dismissive: in any case – he said – the film represents the life of two Iranian families not the whole country. He added that there is an image of Iran which is distorted by politics and politicians who usually are not able to deal with the real problems of people. Nevertheless, I was extremely disappointed when he was not able to say a single word of solidarity for his colleagues Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof who have been sentenced to 6 years in prison for assembly and collusion and anti-regime propaganda, and – in the case of Panahi – deprived of his civil rights including film making, writing film scripts, travelling abroad and interviewing with the media for 20 years.

Angelina was extremely beautiful, elegant and also humble as debutant filmmaker. However, one can not help wondering about the real reasons of the candidature of her “In the land of blood and honey” for best foreign language film. The movie is honestly quite embarrassing. It is a “hollywoodization” of the war in Bosnia. Local actors are good but the story and the characters are just not credible.

I already wrote in a previous post about my conversation with the double Palme d’or winners, the Dardenne Brothers.

Finally, it was not surprising at all to discover the brilliant intelligence of Pedro Almodovar. He was always at ease, joking with Angelina on the possibility of including her in the casting of his next work. He also admitted that when filming he is a real nightmare for crew and actors as he’s obsessed by everything, from set design to hairdressing, costumes, etc. He also reminded the times of Franco’s dictatorship when “American and Italian films saved me from darkness”.  When asked if he was going to make a film in the US, in Los Angeles he gave a reply which explains perfectly the differences between the Hollywood industry and the European one. “Yes, I would love to make a film here and I am sure I will do it at some stage”, he said, “but I imagine that it will be a European production shot here in LA…you know the production system of this city does not really fit me“. Cristal clear, dear Pedro. On this side of Atlantic (I am in LA now…), a film is a product which will have to be sold. In Europe it is first of all an artistic and cultural expression. The director is king in a European work, while the most important person in Hollywood is the film producer.


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