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Let’s talk books.

I had the curiosity this Sunday, first day of 2012, to compare the ranking of best selling books of the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. As for fiction, the top three in the west coast include “Death comes to Pemberley” of 80 year old PD James who draws the characters of Pride and Prejudice into a tale of murder and mystery. Number 2 is Stephen King with his “22/11/63” and number 3 a real “Angeleno”, Micheal Connolly with his last crime story “The Drop” in which Harry Bosch investigates at Chateau Marmont. In New York the King is Stephen with his story about a teacher who goes back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK. Silver for the last Tom Clancy and bronze for Grisham “The Litigators”. Well, crime rules and if you had doubts about it, the only European non English speaking author who makes it in a top 10 is Stieg Larsson, 2nd in paperbacks both for LA Times and NY times and 7th in e-books for NY Times.  Non fiction? Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs and more Steve Jobs.

After reading all these rankings – those of the NY Times are particularly extensive – which book will I buy and read next?  I am great fan of Harry Bosch – I started to learn about LA through his investigations –  and clearly I will not miss his last adventure.  But I am really curious to read “Los Angeles Stories” the first book from guitar legend Ry Cooder who grew up in Santa Monica during the 1950s. His book is meant to give a panorama of the city between 1940 and 1960. A couple of year ago I had been stunned by the literary debut of another musician, Nick Cave. I hope I will like Ry Cooder’s book at least half of how I had loved Nick’s one.

PS  Soon “Il libro d’oro 2011″…


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  1. I do not know what is most read in Europe but in my case when I read a thriller (as I call the crime stories or “noire”) I need at least 5 other completely different kind of book stories (type Allende) before I come back to crime.

  2. This is not about books but when I hear something about Ry Cooder, always remember the sound track he did for Paris Texas, great music and film.

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