5 weirdest things so far

# 5 – Everybody is jogging, hiking, cycling, walking with sticks, working out…but everybody takes the car to drive half a mile. And everybody seems to love being stuck on a freeway instead of driving reasonably freely on L.A. surface streets.

# 4 – People pay a fortune for a live match of the Lakers or the Kings at Staples Center and then spend most of their time there in line for nachos or sodas.

# 3 – You cannot have beer or even just step into a bar which sells alcoholics if you are not 21 but you can easily buy a a rifle or a shotgun – excluding assault rifles – as long as you are 18. In a Walmart shop for example.

# 2Smoking is forbidden in virtually all indoor spaces and in some open spaces such as the Third Streed Promenade, the street of shopping in Santa Monica, as well. And this is clearly fine. I found it a bit excessive though when a woman who was smoking outside of a restaurant in Morro Bay, repeatedly apologised for giving “a very bad example” to our 9 and 12 year-old daughters.

# 1 and WEIRDEST THING SO FAR: the CIA recruiting radio ad. Yes, it is really weird while you drive to work or school in the morning to hear the commercial thought by the almighty Central Intelligence Agency to attract new recruits. “Why working for a private company when you can serve your country?” warns you a deep male voice. There’s the small print, of course: “You must have U.S. citizenship and the ability to successfully complete medical examinations and security procedures, including a polygraph interview. For additional information, and to apply, visit cia-dot-gov.” “That’s cia-dot-gov,” in case you missed it. “The work of a nation. The center of intelligence. An equal opportunity employer.”

One thought on “5 weirdest things so far

  1. you got it and you are right ! Walking in Philly you’ll find a yoga studio almost every corner but also in contrast lately there has been a flourish of martial arts/extreme military style working out gyms. After 20 yrs i have learned many contradictions in this country and how people need extreme positions in everything from working out, to eating habits, to life style, to polical views … what happened to moderation? On the other hand and to be fair here you still find jobs and you are hired based on your true ability and expertises rather than with ‘recommendation at italian way’, and politic is not as corrupted as in Italy and sports fans are not as crazy as the soccer ones … at least they just eat nachos and drink beer rather than destroy sport complexes and kill each other during games. Bottom line a perfect place does not exist but leaving in different places as you are doing at least gives you the opportunity to know and understand how and why people live differently.
    Free to agree or disagree 🙂 ciao

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