This is Harry Bosch. Please leave a message.

Yes, this is what you actually hear if you dial 323-244-5631 which is the number given by Harry Bosch himself in “The Overlook”.

323 is a California telephone area code  which covers, roughly, the area of central Los Angeles including Hollywood but excluding Downtown.

I developed a hopeless addiction to Harry Bosch adventures. His philosophy is simple and straight…everybody counts or nobody counts…which reminds me a bit another fictional hero of mine: Tex Willer.

Michael Connelly, the author who creted this literary character in 1992, gives a good clue as to how he visualizes Bosch when in The Overlook Rachel Walling – FBI agent and Harry’s lover in a couple of books – tells Bosch that “You look like House” (actor Hugh Laurie). But I always imagine him with the physical features of a middle-aged Clint Eastwood.

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