Two USC students killed in shooting near campus

USC people were shocked and mourning today. Ming Qu and Ying Wu, two 23-year-old chinese graduate students of electrical engineering have been shot dead at around 1.00 am on Wednesday while their were chatting in Qu’s car (a used 10,000 USD BMW) in front of Wu’s house in Raymond Avenue just south of Adams Boulevard. Literally two blocks off campus. LAPD investigators are currently examining all motives including robbery and car-jacking. 

South of downtown Los Angeles, the area where USC is established, has long been considered as a very problemaic and dangerous one. Still, in the last 10 years enormous progress had been made and crime dropped significantly. The Adams-Normandie corridor where the shooting happened is a mix of USC students and working-class residents but the neighborhood once experienced a lot of gang activity, which had slowed over the last decade as students moved in.

“Our community is saddened and outraged by this callous and meaningless act,” stated USC spokesman, “Tragedies such as this morning’s remind us that we all need to be continuously vigilant about safety and security.”

However some choices of the University are now criticized.  In particular, the USC is attacked for not building enough in campus dormitories for the growing number of students coming from other states and countries. USC has more foreign students enrolled than any other college or university in the United States

I guess I will not be able myself to look at this once enchainted world I am part of for a short period, with the same eyes.


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